Alamo Bird and Butterfly Watching Sites

Surrounded by mixed farmland and wild lands, the City of Alamo has a number of notable sites for bird and butterfly watchers. Alamo is the home of Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, amongst the most famous refuges in North America. The city offers excellent restaurants, motel, historic inn bed & breakfast, Chamber of Commerce information office and many other visitor services.



Alamo’s Village Pond

Location: 9th Place, north off E. Nebraska Ave between Tower & Alamo Rd.

Description: Local small drainage pond in residential neighborhood that holds water year round and provides a good day rookery for numerous Black-capped Night Herons and other herons and egrets (in trees on west bank). Also attracts cormorants, ducks, terns, and local resident birds. Good all year, best for viewing Black-capped Night Herons in winter when trees have fewer leaves.



Alamo City Hall Butterfly Garden

Location: Tower Road at Duranta

Description: A garden in front of City Hall that has been planted and name tagged with butterfly plants. Attracts some butterflies and birds all year.

Alamo Boys & Girls Club Wild Lands

Location: 13th St at Duranta (behind HEB at Expwy 83 & Alamo Rd)

Description: Five acres that includes a butterfly garden, mesquite brush with paths and benches, and open fields. Good spot all year for a seasonal mixture of warblers, flycatchers, woodpeckers, doves and Kiskadees. Set in a residential area that supports a similar mix of birds.

Alamo Central Park & Butterfly Garden

Location: Business 83 at 8th St

Description: First park in Alamo on the original town site. Offers excellent examples of Texas Ebony and a demonstration Butterfly Garden with named plants. Walk past the Alamo Inn to the Alamo Chamber of Commerce on 8th Street and see butterflies at the Lantana and Eupatorium gregorii planted along the way. Interesting all year. Slated for improvement and expansion of native plants and addition of ponds to increase bird, butterfly, and dragonfly species.

Alamo’s Old Town

Location: South of Alamo Original Town site, within the rectangle made by Tower Rd, Alamo Rd, Business 83, and south to Fannin Ave.

Description: Charming old homes and old trees on large residential lots. Supports a large mixture of birds and butterflies all year.

Alamo Original Waterworks

Location: 9th St between Bowie and Desoto (west side of 9th).

Description: A few acres where one can see birds throughout the year.

Alamo Floodway and Drainage Ditches

Location: South Alamo Rd (FM 907). Skirts City of Alamo on the south.

Description: This extensive area can be viewed from Alamo Rd. These drainage ditches are sometimes a popular summer and fall haunt for Wood Storks and Roseate Spoonbills. Attracts egrets, herons, and waterfowl all year.

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

Location: 7 miles South on Alamo Rd (FM 907) to Military Hwy, turn left, entrance ¼ mile on right. Open sunrise to sunset 7 days. Visitor center. Interpretive tram service on 7 mile route 3 times daily December to April.

Description: Unspoiled, 2,088 acres, acquired in 1943, this refuge is one of the gems of US Fish & Wildlife refuge system. Over 400 bird species, hundreds of butterfly species, rare mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

Prepared for Alamo Chamber of Commerce May 2001 – Copyright Keith Hackland

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Plain Chachalaca


Great Kiskadee

 Silver Emperor

Photos taken by professional nature photographers Lynn Bieber-Weir and Ray Bieber (they can be contacted through Alamo Chamber of Commerce)

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