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Each suite has a unique theme

Our four suites have each been furnished and decorated with a unique historic theme related to the development of the Rio Grande Valley into the rich region we see today. (Every suite has its own private bathroom, refrigerator, coffee maker, tea kettle, telephone, and cable TV. Three suites have separate bedroom and living room, the fourth is a studio floor plan.) To speak to us call (956)782-9912.

Pancho Villa suite

Decor of the deep south west, including some American Indian and Mexican art items. The suite features historic Pancho Villa photos. Pancho Villa was a revolutionary who ruled large areas of Mexico from 1910 to 1920. He was a folk hero in parts of Mexico and in the Rio Grande Valley for attacking everyone in his way, including briefly invading the United States (in New Mexico), and because with no formal education he rose from peasant and outlaw to commandante. Photos of him today hang on the walls of many Rio Grande Valley homes and businesses both sides of the border.

Edinburgh suite

Scottish Victorian theme. Scottish immigrants had a big influence in developing the Valley - the capital of Hidalgo County is named Edinburg after Edinburgh, Scotland. This suite celebrates these pioneers with Scottish antique furniture and decor. There are also sub themes of Victorian Fairies and Scottish Heroes (William Wallace, Rob Roy McGregor, Robert the Bruce). Och Aye!

Johnson suite

South west pioneer farmer theme. The early pioneers of the modern Valley were farmers of Mexican and American extraction. They cleared, ploughed, leveled, and irrigated the land using mules, chains, horse drawn ploughs, sweat and determination. We celebrate their era with antiques and artifacts from 1900 to 1940. When Valley old timers tour this suite they invariably say "Oh, we had one of those..." and "I remember that..." and "This is my favorite suite. It's just like home."

South Padre Island suite

Ocean island theme. Alamo is only an hour from the ocean and South Padre Island, famous for wild Texas Indians, shipwrecks, buried treasure, light houses, birding, fishing... This suite captures the spirit of South Padre Island and transports one to the incredible explorer days with treasure and history maps on the walls, clouds scudding across the ceiling, and butterflies sailing the draperies on a four post bed. (This is the smallest suite, a studio with entrance hall and private bathroom.)

Birding & Wildlife Shop

The best selection of nature books and birding maps in the Valley can be found here. We carry fauna and flora field guides, and also limited edition, hard to find, Valley specialty books and checklists. Books on birds and birding, butterflies, odonates, reptiles, amphibians, insects and other arthropods, botanical books, travel and historical books. We also stock international field guides to other regions, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, New Zealand, and Southern Africa. Binoculars (quality Brunton, Bausch & Lomb, Bushnell), unique cards, T-shirts, audio and software for naturalists, children's books, etc.

Birding the Rio Grande Valley

Due to its unique geography (meeting place of coastal plains and desert, tropical and temperate vegetation) and its southern location under migration routes, the Rio Grande Valley is the premier birding area in North America. To date some 500 species of birds have been identified here. We are 9 minutes from Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, probably the best birding site in North America. Alamo Inn welcomes birders. When you make reservations we mail you a map of the Valley showing and describing 80 great birding sites within easy access of Alamo Inn. If you wish we provide guide services familiar with local conditions, or you can safely drive yourself. Alamo Inn can provide pack meals and in our Birding Shop there are numerous field guides and birding binoculars. Call us for advice or more information at 956 782-9912.

Wildlife in Rio Grande Valley

In addition to birds, the Valley is richly endowed with butterflies, dragonflies, fish, amphibians, reptiles and plants. Due to the intersection of climates here and the rich alluvial delta, resacas, lakes, canals, and lagoons, there is amazing diversity of flora and fauna, ranging from desert to tropical forms! The land was largely cleared for agriculture after the 1900, but as eco tourism is growing so is the land devoted to wildlife conservation... from games ranches set up for hunting to private, state and federal areas devoted to conservation. The Valley has been identified as a sensitive area at high risk and this has sharpened the focus on setting aside land for native fauna and flora. Substantial agricultural land is being returned to native vegetation and as habitat improves wildlife is responding. This provides a wonderful area for eco tourists because there are so many locations to visit that one can select sites where one's party can be alone. For information call us at 956 782-9912 or e-mail us - refer section "Contact Us".


The Rio Grande Valley is not a valley in the traditional sense - is an old flood plain and it is as flat as a pan cake. The winters are warm with most days in the 70s and 80s! Over 150,000 visitors a year spend winter in the Valley because it is warm and friendly - we call them Winter Texans and we welcome them with festivals every year. Summers are hot during the day, 90s and some 100s, but the evenings are balmy and wonderful. There are breezes or wind almost every day which makes it comfortable to remain active outdoors most days. Of course in doors almost everywhere is air conditioned. Rainfall is about 25 inches per year. Rainy months are May, September, and winter months. Usually it rains and then clears up after an hour or two.

Things to do

Most visitors to the Rio Grande Valley run out of time before they can get to experience a fraction of our attractions. For birding and butter flying this is paradise. There is great fishing and trophy hunting. Native plant life and agriculture are abundant. The Alamo Inn is only seven miles from the Rio Grande river that runs between Mexico and Texas. The Valley is culturally a rich blend of Hispanic and American culture. We have wonderful cultural and historic museums to explore. Markets and restaurants that are unique in North America. You can go canoeing on the Rio Grande, kayaking or wind surfing on Laguna Madre, deep sea fishing, or water skiing. There is Texas Louisiana baseball league, and there is horse back riding on the beach. Local beers are brewed here and there is an amazing brew pub restaurant. We can arrange a limo for you, or a massage, a visit to the beauty shop, or a birding guide. There is a water park and bungee jumping. There are birding, butterfly, wildlife and dragonfly festivals in the fall and spring. There are parades and cultural festivals, rodeo and livestock show, and bull fights in Mexico. Call us and we'll help you plan your stay. The Valley has a chain of private bed and breakfasts, and salvage yards and antique shops to explore. There is shopping and eating in old Mexico at little river towns, and there is even a hand pulled ferry crossing for cars into Mexico! Summers are wonderful and winter is the busiest season of all with a huge array of Winter Texan events and organized tours! Call us for more information 956 782-9912.

Make It An Unforgettable Romantic Experience

Talk to us about how to make your stay more romantic. Here are some of our thoughts. Fresh flowers to welcome you. A gentle massage. Head to toe in the beauty shop. Wine or champagne in your fridge. Enjoy an early breakfast and head out for a day of exploration and adventure. Or sleep in until lunch. Go dining and shopping in old Mexico. Go birding in a quiet park or horse back riding on the beach. Enjoy sunset over Laguna Madre with a sundowner, or wander amongst the palms at the Sabal Palm preserve. Enjoy dinner and savor the beer at a brew pub or visit museums and the Catholic shrine in San Juan. Call us at 956 782-9912 or e-mail us at alamoinn@aol.com  to arrange your dream stay.


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Harris's Hawk 2002
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Harris's Hawk &
Nick Hackland
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Harris's Hawk perched at Dunrobbin